Next Tournament : Hugo (State Championship)(08/26/2023)-Saturday

Only teams qualified for This tournament are listed below. If your team is not listed and you think is should be contact the director.

If you are paying for more than one angler/team you must pay for each in a separate transaction.

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Team # Anglers Action
Andy King
Blake Beaver Clint James
Bradley Craig
Brandon Boyd/Norman Vaughan
Brian Young/Diesel Byrd
C.J. Malaske /Randy Wadsworth
Carl Hightower Brian Felkins
CHAD Clifton CJ Clifton
Chris Cleveland/Gary Patterson
Cole Hawkins Jon Roberts
Cory Carter/Caden Carter
Crandall Holmes Jason Harvey
Dan Mabery/Cody Smith
Dan Robinson/Brady Finton
Dustin Shook Bob Shook
Dylon Scott William Scott
Earnie Ode Robert Robinson
Eric Fine Jeff Lorton
Jacy Messer Jason Moses
Jamie Jones Jared Jones
Joey Cook Mike Humphreys
John Hamilton Trae Hamilton
john hudnall
Johnny Bellmyer Brandon Hough
Justin Dodd Mikey Verner
Lance McCabe Cody Klutts
Marty Stubblefield/Shelley Stubblefield
Michael Thompson Shaun Brown
Nathan Barlow /Matt Collins
Reggie Donner/Makiah Davis "Papa Baby"
Robert Carlile/Colby Barnett
Tommy HUFF Jeff Quine
Zach Petitjean Danny Dodson

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